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Efe Kerem Sözeri

Efe Kerem Sözeri is a Turkish researcher who currently lives in the Netherlands. After studying political science at Bogazici University (Istanbul) and sociology at VU Amsterdam, he is writing a PhD dissertation on the effects of migration on political behaviour.

Next to his academic research, he writes regularly on censorship and human rights in Turkey. You may contact him or read some of his recent work below.

@efekerem [dm open] || eksozeri@hotmail.com [PGP]

Turkey’s Internet Policy after the Coup Attempt: The Emergence of a Distributed Network of Online Suppression and Surveillance [Annenberg UPenn, PDF]

WikiLeaks Emails Show Turkey Tried To Hide Corruption Evidence [Vocativ]

Censorship reveals direct, likely illegal link between ISPs and Turkey’s government [more on Daily Dot]

What business does Erdoğan’s family have in tax havens? [self-published on Medium]

Die postfaktische Türkei [TAZ Gazete]

"Eylemlerimizin Meşruluğunu Halkın Çıkarları Belirliyor" [interview with The RedHack, more on bianet]

"Met deze oliedeals steunt Turkije de onafhankelijkheid van de Iraakse Koerden" [De Correspondent]